There ain’t no Party like an LJ Party!

How about a Party that all of your friends will be forever talking about? At Lemon Jelly we deliver the ultimate party experience for you and your friends that is entirely made for you! You choose your favourite music, book or Film and we will create a themed party for all of you to enjoy. Our experienced, fun, party leaders will ensure that you celebrate your birthday in style with memories that you will never forget! Call 01858 545599 to book your unforgettable celebration.dotty-line

All you need to do is

  • Fill out our simple request form so that we can check staff availability and start to plan your party.
  • Hire a venue for your party and invite your guests.
  • Let us know whether you prefer to sing, dance, act or do a bit of it all.
  • Tell us how many guests you will have so that we can arrange our materials.
  • Decorate your room or dress up to suit your theme.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

What do we do?

We take the stress out of the organisation by structuring and delivering personal activities to suit the birthday child and their guests. We will provide music, scripts or song lyrics (depending on the party request) for children to use for the duration of the party. We will also provide props and accessories to add to their outfits or costumes that they arrive in. We create our own fun activities and games to warm the party up with small prizes for every guest. The birthday child will receive their very own Lemon Jelly T-shirt. At the end of the party we will present what we have worked on for parents to see and you are welcome to take photos and videos.