Confident Kids with funky feet!

Jelly Tots – inspiring children from an early age.
Through creative dance and drama, our little adventurers investigate and explore exciting topics to learn all about the world around them. Our classes allow your child to increase their confidence, develop their social skills and improve their physical expression, all whilst having lots of fun!


Dance Activities

Motor Skills, balance and co-ordination are all developed through dance. Your children will start to learn rhythmic timing, awareness of space and release confidence through our exercises. We all love to dance and the routines that we learn are great fun, allowing your children to channel their energy and concentration. Your child will use muscles throughout the entire body, improving their circulation and flexibility whilst growing with improved posture.


Drama Activities

Research shows that children who have taken part in drama, dance and singing have better reading and writing skills. We have yet to prove this but believe that our creative activities will stimulate imagination and articulation skills. Lots of our members have shown greater interest in reading books and scripts. The performing arts are well known for helping children to speak more clearly, listen more attentively and develop a wider vocabulary. One of the best investments that you can make!

Our Team

It is not just our teachers and staff members that inspire your children at Lemon Jelly. Your children will learn a great deal from interacting with others in our classes. We promote a huge sense of teamwork, encouraging to share and work together to create a collaborative environment. Our activities are non-competitive and non-judgmental; we simply aim to encourage your child’s enthusiasm and expression for creativity, skills that will remain with them for life. Our shows and performances will increase their enthusiasm and provide you with great pride for their achievements.

As always, we are happy to discuss your child’s progress at any time and you are more than welcome to call for a chat.