Because everyone loves to have fun!! No two weeks are ever the same at Lemon Jelly because of the wide variety of activities that we can offer through performing arts. Some children love the buzz of performing whilst others come to develop confidence and social skills and maybe even look into a career ‘behind the scenes’. At Lemon Jelly we can promise fun in a safe and controlled environment where your children will immediately feel at home! Have a look at our classes page to see all of the opportunities available to your children through Lemon Jelly arts.

We offer a variety of classes to suit children of all ages with ample opportunity to perform every term! We understand the importance of developing essential techniques and what better way to do this that through performance. Whether it is a film to showcase at your local cinema or a production in a beautiful theatre, we know that children will feel part of something really special and you will be proud of their progress!


The Benefits

    • Increased Confidence, Co-ordination, flexibility, Concentration, articulation and vocal projection.


    • Opportunities to perform every term.


    • Options to take LAMDA exams, improving vocal confidence and technique.


    • An insight into the profession through our inspirational teachers and guest workshops.


    • Learning to give and receive feedback through our discussion sessions.


    • Meeting new friends for life.


    • Parents meeting new friends through our social events.


    • Masterclasses with the best in the business, alongside weekly sessions.


  • Financially, great value for the benefits achieved.

Who are we?

Lemon Jelly started in 2007 after two actresses realised their ability to engage children in performing arts activities whilst helping them to develop skills and have fun! The classes started in Hampstead and became so popular that Kelle & Hayley started to open a number of schools across North London and Hertfordshire. In 2007 we opened our first academy in Leicestershire and now run over 50 schools across the country and still growing. Kelle & Hayley trained at one of London’s most prestigious Stage Schools, Italia Conti, and between them they have both worked extensively in Film, TV, radio and world theatre tours. All of our teachers have trained at London theatre schools, many of them work in the west end and return to us at the end of their run. We have a great pool of teachers who provide inspirational activities for our members.

“We are so proud of how Lemon Jelly has developed over the years and we are very excited for future developments. It really does give us a buzz to see how our members grow with confidence and develop a passion for performing. We believe that you have to have ‘been there and done it’ yourself in order to pass on the experiences and it is amazing to see our members take on further professional training and work with our guidance”